Friday, 4 February 2011



So, this is my new blog, I've set this up to document my research and results for my University Dissertation! Essentially I will be testing techniques that I have acquired from different sources in order to find ways of producing high quality recordings specifically within the Metal Genre. These sources will include information from professional producers that I have been in contact with and also online articles, books, magazines etc.

I am in no way a professional merely a student, and I ask people to please give suggestions/comments on my posts as I am still learning! That is not to say I have not been recording for a while now, I started recording bands/musicians in my small home studio six years ago and have gained a fair bit of knowledge on the subject, as well as studying a Music Technology course at university for the past two and a half years!

Anyway recording starts next weekend with the drum tracks, I will post pictures and possibly audio samples once I have some!

I will soon post details of interesting techniques found so far, and links to useful sites! But for now that will have to wait until I have done some real work towards my dissertation!


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